September 08, 2006

Banana Talk!!!

This post can be understood only by the Keralites (people from a small state called Kerala in the country of India) or those who know Malayalam. I write here something regarding the proverbs in Malayalam.

Sorry to others..............

I’m going to write some newer versions for our proverbs (pazhanchollukal). I think they are relevant at present(I think only I may have that opinion!!!!).

The older ones:

Changaathi nannaayaal kannaadi venda

Adi thettiyaal aanayum veezhum

Kochi kandavanu achi (wife) venda

Pathukke thinnal panayum thinnam

The corresponding newer ones:

Kannaadi nannayal changathi venda!

Adi thettiyal manthrisabhayum veezhum

Bangalore (or any place outside Kerala) kandavanu veettukareyum venda.

Pathukke thinnal, avideyirunnu thanne thinno!!

Sorry all malayalis if I (being a malayali!!) have done anything wrong.


silverine said...

err it is 'pazhanchollukal' and not pazhamchollukal I think, unless you were deliberately twisting the word :) You can find more in Wikipedia!

emmanuel said...

corrected it. :)

The post looks to be so 'kiddish' now. btw, how did u reach here now? ;)